The Bevy Story

We believe that families deserve to have the freedom to enjoy time together again without the weight of all their other responsibilities pulling them down. 

Hi!! We are Lynda Attaway & Carissa Janeway. After years in the corporate world raising our families, we concluded that “Yes, you can do it. But you shouldn’t have to do it all at the expense of your sanity!” 

After spending 20 years climbing the corporate ladder and starting several companies while at the same time growing her family from zero to three kids, Lynda reached a breaking point. Lynda loves working and pushing herself to achieve big things and killing it in her professional life. This made it hard to find time for both family and the never-ending to-do lists on the home front.

Carissa struggled with the same realization and worked in the corporate world for more than a decade. But soon after having her first child, she reached the end of her mental rope. She was working in a job where she lacked support, and her passion began to flag, leading her to question how she could “have it all.”

Discovering this hole in the support framework for families, we got to work.  Bevy is an organization service for managing all of those projects that monopolize your time. Built to help families of all shapes and sizes gain time back to focus on their priorities, Bevy provides help for the rest.

Bevy was created to be the solution to the work-life balance dilemma. We are reminding families that they don’t have to do it all alone – it’s okay to get help. As a collective of skilled project managers, designers and organizers, available in person and virtually, and dedicated to making clients’ lives easier by doing the things they don’t have time for we give clients back the time to focus on living life. Bevy clients delegate the “stuff” they don’t want to deal with and let their Bevs tackle those other tasks. By delegating your workload, you reclaim ownership of your time!