two twin beds with dresser and rainbow painted walls

Sweet Sisters Rainbow Room Makeover

Don’t you just love it when a I-want-my-daughters-to-share-a-bedroom-and-have-the-decor-transition-well-for-the-next-few-years plan comes together!?

All it takes is:

  • The parent(s) desire of what the space should be (an organized, meaningful, not-too-busy space for dreaming and dressing and also easy for the girls to maintain)
  • Two very different opinions from small humans on what THEY want (Dogs on the moon wearing polka dot spacesuits, princesses on heart-shaped paddle boards eating ice cream—that’s some CREATIVE expression, huh?!)
  • Establishing a budget
  • Deciding on the actual theme
  • Picking the colors for the rainbow-the OG ROYGBIV or 50 shades of gray—wait, that one is a different room;)
  • Sourcing the bedding and curtains
  • Deciding who gets which bed
  • Designing and painting the headboards
  • Designing and painting the dresser(s)***wait until you hear the story about the heart dresser!
  • Figuring out the dimensions and measurements for the rainbow to extend over THREE walls — that’s some geometry for you
  • Keeping the children busy and entertained for 2 days while the makeover is in action
  • Making sure all.the.other.things. are still being handled because life doesn’t stop for makeovers… no matter how easy HGTV makes it seem

But It Can Be Done!

When Bevy was approached with this room makeover project, the busy parents of the two sweet girls who would share this space were very happy to have a team that was able to execute the entire project.

Instead of them having to physically do any of the work above, they were able to make decisions and go about their days and the above list was no longer daunting, but exciting! Bevy helped pull the vision of a rainbow room with a color palette that can grow with the 4&5 year old girls from little girls into their tween years with minimal changes needed.

Details, Details, Details

  • We proposed the rainbow color palette and asked the girls to pick their favorite color out of those
  • The 5 year old loved the deep rose color and requested that for her headboard
  • The 4 year old LOVED the mint blue and insisted on bringing a deep blue into it as well – so we created the polka dot headboard with those two colors
  • We swapped the hardware out on the black/gold dresser for those bird pulls to give it a little more of a BOHO vibe
  • We painted the tall dresser originally with a tree theme, but when the 5 year old got home from school, she was adament that “a big heart would look much better” so we repainted right then and there and she was right, a big heart looks much better than the trees did!
  • The curtains that were in the room before ended up being too busy with the bedding and rainbow. We actually just shopped their house and found the curtains in the guest room would be perfect, so we swapped them out.
  • Every single item in this room has meaning and purpose. The art on the wall is from when the girls were each 2 years old with their handprints and footprints as a gift to their dad for Father’s Day. We put them in those great Ikea frames and voila!
  • The plants are for oxygen intake and for the girls to have something to “take care of”
  • The “loveys” on the bed are souvenirs from visiting family

Wrapping Up

As the girls get older, we suggest changing out the bedding and updating the art, but other than that this room will serve them well for years to come. 

We think we accomplished everything the family wanted for this room to be! 

What’s YOUR favorite part?!

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