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Outsourcing at Home is the New Norm

Why delegating tasks at home is a real boss move. 

We’re all well aware delegating tasks is essential to be an effective business leader, but have you ever thought about delegating tasks at home? Being a ‘boss’ at home means handling that laundry list of chores and responsibilities while juggling work, family, friendships, and still carving out time for yourself. 

If you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day – you are not alone. Time is more scarce than ever in our society. Nothing highlights this more than the number of hours we sleep each night, and that is continuing to decrease. The 2018 National Health Interview Survey by the CDC found that 32.6% of working adults get less than 6 hours of sleep a night. This stat has gone up over 4% from 28.4% in the past 10 years.  

The Struggle is Real

No wonder you are struggling to cross off every item on your mile-long to-do list. Outsourcing personal tasks can help. Delegation isn’t restricted to just business execs. Enlisting the help of home project managers will give you time to do the things that really matter, like spending time with your family, going out with friends, and having more all-important “me-time.”  

Delegating at Home

Strategic outsourcing is mainstream for businesses aiming to lessen responsibility burdens. Most companies today rely on an external third-party service to help keep things running smoothly. Why should your personal life be different? In today’s fast-paced, busy world, balancing everyday life, work, school, and kids can be overwhelming.

You can now outsource personal tasks like home renovations, design projects, decluttering, organization, and even scheduling. We are often the last ones to put on the proverbial oxygen mask. Next time you’re questioning if you deserve help, think about what you would tell your best friend or daughter. It is time to give yourself permission to free up time in your day without the guilt.

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What Tasks Can You Outsource?

Delegation at home can mean different things to different people. Larger tasks like home improvement projects, packing to move, and planning major events like milestone birthday parties or even backyard weddings can be super stressful on top of your daily responsibilities. 

We’re not only focusing on the big stuff either. Sometimes it’s the little things like hanging up those family photos that have been in a box for the past 6 months, creating Valentine’s Day cards for your kid’s class, or remembering to call the landscapers before your lawn looks like it’s about to swallow your home are the things you need help with. 

How Do You Know When to Outsource Something?

From the big to the small, it can be hard knowing when to rely on home project managers. We get it. Outsourcing is still a relatively new concept for most. Ask yourself the following questions.

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Am I putting off getting starting? 

Procrastinating usually means you don’t have the resources or desire to perform the task at hand. It’s often a major sign that it’s something you should delegate!

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Is this the best use of my time? 

Whether you need to tackle your kid’s messy playroom or repaint the kitchen, if you are not the only one that can perform the task, it’s best to find someone who can help you out.

Woman holding phone looking annoyed

Does this project excite me?

In the words of Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t “spark joy,” pass it along!

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