Home Staging

Ahhhh, the blissful feeling of selling your home. You’re starting a new chapter, excitedly looking at new houses, ready to move out and move on.

And all you have to do to achieve that dream is: 

Find an agent, clean your house, list your house, find a new house, pack your clothes, pack your kitchen, pack your dog, pack your children, put ‘em right into boxes because there’s no time to buckle them in and we’ve got to go! There’s a showing in 20 minutes, so let’s go drive around the neighborhood for an hour while someone walks around our home and scrutinizes every blemish and aesthetic choice we’ve ever made.

Just a bundle of stress and excitement, all wrapped into one!

The reality is, we know that moving generally entails a little bit of chaos. But don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Getting Started

We know how much work it takes to buy and sell a home (our team has been through the process of buying and selling FIVE just in the last few months!) and while you’ve worked hard over the years to make your space the perfect nest, it may not be what everyone else desires. That shouldn’t hinder you selling your home – just with a little bit of help from Bevy!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures


With the world of technology that we live in, it’s a given that home buyers predominately look at the images of homes before deciding if they even want to see the home in person. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words, and we like to help make your home live up to its best potential. With just a little bit of love and attention to detail, we were able to get this house staged and ready for pictures in a matter of days… and this specific member had it sold within just a few weeks!

What Bevy Does

We come in, help clean up the space, simplify the décor, and provide assistance or source materials that help you manage your home while the house is on the market. Give us a call and Bevy will help you cure the chaos!

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