Clean organized pantry

A Dream Pantry

We’ve all seen them – the beautiful pantries of celebrities and influencers, organized in rainbow colors and shining like a household star. Of course we all want our pantry to be so organized and enviable, but HOW?

With Bevy, that’s how!

And even better – for each pantry we apply your individual style – natural baskets, bold colors, easy-to-clean plastic, and everything in between – so that your pantry looks better than any celebrity’s: it looks like YOU.

One of our FAVORITE projects to tackle are pantries. You may think that sounds bananas, but you lock a Bev in a pantry with her organizational items and she’ll pop-tart out a few hours later ready to present the picture-worthy pantry of your dreams.

*Note: Please don’t ACTUALLY lock our Bevs in pantries…

Where it started......

The Process

For this project, we took a typical family-of-5 pantry and created an organizational system that:
  • Allows them to see when items are running low (bye-bye six almost-empty bags of trail mix)
  • Has labels to easily identify what they have and need
  • Utilizes canisters to keep their food fresh
  • Makes use of floor storage to keep the shelves from getting cluttered (no more dropping cans on your toe during that midnight snack raid, aww yessssss)


The Results

The pantry looks beautiful, makes full use of the space, and is more efficient for cleaning and stocking after grocery trips. To accommodate this family of five we made sure there is ample storage for LOTS of food.

And, for the three little ones in the house who are learning to be independent, peep the snack station we created on the bottom of the center shelf – snacks and drinks are at their height so there are fewer “MOM I WANT A SNACK” moments.

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