Organized garage shelves and totes

New Garage – New You


a dreaded no-woman’s land where tools, bikes, and miscellaneous items go to hide away in darkness and dust. Where is that drill? Where did the bike pump end up? How did this pile end up stacked over my head?!

The Texas Basement

This is especially true for us Texans – and all of you other areas that don’t have the luxury of basements, we see you – the garage, by necessity, is a multi-use area for storage, cars, toys, projects, and so much more. For that reason, we at Bevy have taken on the noble role of becoming your garage-go-to-ers (we’re working on the title…)

Take a look at this garage that we had the pleasure of tackling this summer. Our team emptied (our favorite part of the job), cleaned and categorized(our other favorite part), and re-organized items so they are accessible and logically grouped (okay, all of it is our favorite part).

The Transformation

Using What is on Hand

We took this garage from to-do to DONE using nothing but time, elbow grease, and items that this homeowner already had on hand.


Holiday items are stacked at the top, the kid’s swim toys, goggles, and sunscreen are stored in a clear bin, camping items are all together in a weather-tight container. Bikes and strollers are no long crammed into nooks and crannies and have their own parking spots. Items long-forgotten in the garage are returned to their rightful homes, things no longer wanted are donated to a good cause, and trash is bagged up and removed.

Did I Hear Pinterest?

If you prefer a more Pinterest-worthy look, from matching totes to gorgeous labels, you’re in luck! We do it all, however YOU want it. So tell us your vision, sit back, and enjoy lifting nothing but a finger to point us in the right direction. We’ll take it from there.

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