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Introducing Chaos Cures





Whichever descriptive word you choose, they all mean the same thing: things are out of control.


We’ve all been there – the house is a mess, your work is piling up, the kids need help with homework, you need to make dinner, you need to go shopping in order to make dinner, the dog peed on the floor, your mother-in-law called to say she’s moving in, a sharknado is barreling down your street, and — Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but in the midst of whatever chaos is taking over your life, it may not feel like that much of an exaggeration.


Chaos is a feeling – that helpless and panicky spiraling out of control feeling. But let me reiterate – We. Have. All. Been. There. We know the struggle of not knowing where to even begin to get things under control.

Lucky for you, Bevy knows where to begin, and it is our life’s mission to help you gain back control of your life. In the wise words of Brené Brown: You don’t have to do it alone – you were never meant to.

Our Chaos Cures are here to offer you inspiration, tips and tricks for organization, and completed projects that we think you’ll love. It is our goal for Chaos Cures to serve as a useful first step in regaining control of your life – and when you are ready for the next step, we will be here for that too. At Bevy, we want to change your descriptive words to:





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